Datum: 23.10.2020 - 25.10.2020 14:00 - 18:00
Ort: Real Pilates Victoria Sommer, Erlaufstraße 44, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf
Referent*in: Shari Berkowitz
Kosten: $650 (USD) bzw. €600 (Euro)
Fortbildungspunkte: 18
Webseite: https://www.theverticalworkshop.com/schedule/2020/5/8/viennawien-austria


It’s a 3-day continuing education seminar that focuses on biomechanics, functional anatomy, biotensegrity with applications to Pilates. It doesn’t matter what style of Pilates you teach, this is for all Pilates teachers…anyone who moves!

It’s 18 hours over the three days where we get to really dig into understand how the body really works and how to apply that knowledge in ways that are immediately useful.

While this is the first seminar in The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives, it can be taken a la carte. You don’t have to register for the entire Intensives to participate in any of the seminars. 

You’ll see that we’ll have a new seminar in Vienna every 4 months. I hope you’ll start off with this one (Full Body Integration) and then perhaps join in for the others or some of them! If you can make it to Full Body Integration, you will be on a strong path to increasing your confidence in your teaching. So many of the questions and concerns you’ve had are answered in this seminar.



You've had a lot of continuing education, but none of it...none of it is comprehensive. I mean...you get a lot of information, but it's all bits and pieces. Are you able to apply it all? Really? While the entire Pilates Teacher Intensives is to rectify this missing an essential element in Pilates continuing education, this first 3-day seminar "Full Body Integration" must be the basis for all that we do. What is your perspective on the human body? How much does it align with how the human body really works? How do you tie it all together with a true education and apply it to your actual teaching of Pilates? How do you take your education and make it all make sense?

 In "Full Body Integration" you will learn the modern biomechanics: Biodynamics and Biotensegrity. Biodynamics is my theory of human physical movement and dysfunction. I am a biomechanics scientist and theorist in addition to being a Pilates teacher. I spend the majority of my time, in fact, developing ways for people to really understand how the body works at it's best and help people return to their most able states why dysfunction occurs. Pilates is an exceptional method to return a body to health...but only if we understand how the body works and make sure what we're doing in Pilates coordinates with that. 

We will explore and study: 

Biodynamics (by Shari Berkowitz) and Biotensegrity (by Dr. Stephen Levin) 

Functional Anatomy of The Human Body with specific detail on: 

The Spine 

The Pelvis 

The Shoulder Girdle 

The Legs 


we tie it all together...because we're not just bits and pieces...we are organisms. 

Apply this knowledge and actions to Pilates Teaching...no matter what style you teach. 

Your perspective is everything. Please let me guide your education and understanding with "Full Body Integration". 

Homework Projects - Full integration of material. Weekly themes, projects and workbooks related to our previous weekend and in preparation to the next weekend. 

Skype Meetings - monthly meetings between seminars (on computer or mobile device)


Registration: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17427780&appointmentType=12205723

Full information for the Intensives: The Vertical Workshop Pilates Teacher Intensives Info Packet Vienna 2020-21


Shari Berkowitz is the founder and creator of The Vertical Workshop.

She is a Pilates Teacher of Teachers, biomechanist and ergonomist. She travels the world teaching teachers of all styles of Pilates, though her vocabulary of exercises is classical. Her ability to cross over the boundaries of style in Pilates comes from her remarkable understanding of how the human body works, how people learn, how the apparatus works… She has an unusual ability for taking the most complicated concepts and turning them into simple nuggets of information that you can immediately use.

Prior to her Pilates life, Shari performed in musical theater. A successful singer, dancer and actress, she performed across the stages and screens of the world. Her Pilates practice and education began in NYC during the last 6 months of a 1.5 year period of physical therapy in her recovery from partial paralysis. You can read about her story From Paralysis to Pilates here: PDF. Once Shari found her passion for Pilates had overtaken her love of performing, she started The Vertical Workshop.

Though Shari’s Pilates vocabulary is classical with Romana Kryzanowska training her to be a Pilates teacher and then as the Power Pilates Director of West Coast Education and Lead Teacher Trainer for many years, Shari firmly believes that all styles of Pilates can give rise to effective work! We all share the same goals for our clients even if the way we get there is different. She does not support the conflicts between the different styles in Pilates. Shari works to create what she calls “A Community of Help” that crosses over the divisions of style. theverticalworkshop.com