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Ort: Online
Kosten: $179 or $99 less 10% discount for PVA members with promo code "PVA"
Webseite: https://pilates-summit.com
A unique online learning experience sharing the Pilates method worldwide 


The Pilates Summit is offering you 2 days of ongoing learning experiences online from the comfort of your own home, connecting to our worldwide Pilates community. Benefit from in depth webinars, workshops, workouts, masterclasses and meet your favorite Pilates Master Teachers live. Emerge in an inclusive, open and sharing online Pilates Community that we have the means to create together. 

We strongly believe that anybody should benefit from the Pilates Method, as movement is changes and change is movement. During these difficult uncertain economic times, being a student of the Method should not be a luxury but be made accessible, no matter where you come from or where you are in the world.

Being a teacher is a privilege, providing service to people for greater health is a gift… a gift that people need more than ever. Let’s unite and contribute to Joe’s vision that « whole world should be doing my exercises, they’d be happier… ». 

Invest this time where the universe had to pause to develop your skills, enhance your teaching, Deepen your practice and become a student of the Pilates Method again. Join us, to be part of a new change and let’s EVOLVE together with kindness & passion. Together things always end up better! 

We are looking forward to seeing you online. 



Learn from the most different and experienced Master Teachers, embracing their differences! Meet your Teachers Live Online to benefit from all their precious and valuable Pilates insights.

With Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen, Elizabeth Larkam, Michael Firtzke & Ton Voogt, Kathy Corey, Zoey Trap, Madeline Black, Brett Howard, Kevin Bowen, Jean-Claude Nelson, Miguel Silva, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Kyria Sabin, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, Brent Anderson, Sandy Shimoda, Jilian Hessel, Michael King



Choose from over 15 Workouts and Masterclasses. Practice Pilates on the mat, using special props or working out on equipment, to not only do the work but FEEL the work to perfect your practice.



Choose from over 12 Workshops covering different topics and approaches. Get your mat, pens & pencils ready to explore new ways to the Pilates Method, widening your understanding.



Live & Replay $179 or Live Only $ 99 less 10% discount for PVA-Members with promo code "PVA"