Quality criteria of the Austrian Pilates Association / Pilates Verband Austria

The Austrian Pilates Association’s goal is to provide a relevant contribution to preventive health care for people of all ages and fitness levels. The association advocates that Pilates should be taught by trainers who have received a comprehensive education.


Pilates trainers who have been certified according to the guidelines of the PVA guarantee a high-quality training and commit themselves to annual continuing education courses. The standards for quality assurance and education are defined in the statutes of the Association. To assure the quality of the training, the PVA offers continuing education for their trainers on a regular basis.


About Pilates

Pilates is a full body workout – effective and efficient for body and mind. The Pilates method reduces stress and leads to well-balanced physicality. Pilates is a way to increase strength and energy. By reducing one-sided movement patterns, tense muscles get more relaxed and pain can be reduced. Flowing movements and conscious breathing increase concentration and foster mental relaxation.

Strong muscles, flexible joints and correct course of movement visibly improve your posture. The Method is alive – new medical findings are incoporated into the concept of the Pilates training. Pilates is taught in numerous exercises on the mat and on Pilates equipment.


Where can you find a certified Pilates trainer?

The PVA provides a list of trainers that includes all Pilates trainers who have successfully completed an approved training and therefore offer a high-quality training. Additional information on the certifying training institutions are available on the homepage as well.

The Pilates studios provide information on studio equipment, course offers and specific workshops. Numerous studios offer their training multilingual.


European Pilates Alliance

Through the European Pilates Alliance, the PVA networks internationally with the Pilates associations in Germany, Switzerland and France. This alliance pursues the goal to guarantee the quality of Pilates training transnational. Proof of continuing education are mutually acknowledged if the appropriate documentation is provided.

Website: European Pilates Alliance